The Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila

The Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila

The price of a tooth extraction in Manila is quite cheap when you compare it to the other services available today. Of course, a tooth extraction is quite common since all of us will have to go through it at some point. However, prematurely extracting a tooth may be unwise for anyone looking to keep their smile later on. This article will not only talk about the price of tooth extraction in Manila but also why it’s probably not worth it.

Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila

The price of a tooth extraction in Manila can start at as low as Php 500. The only reason why it can go higher is due to the tooth that’s to be extracted. This explains the high cost of having an impacted wisdom tooth removed.

Also, it is quite safe to say that each dental clinic will ask for a different price. Dental clinics have their own pricing regulations. Just expect a normal tooth extraction procedure to be priced at around Php 500 – Php 2,000. Fortunately, having a tooth extracted is not immediate. Your dentist will examine your tooth first and judge the asking price after. Keep that in mind the next time you’re going through a dental examination.

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Why It’s A Bad Idea To Remove A Tooth

Having a tooth extracted can spell disaster for your teeth. First of all, when a tooth is removed your teeth will start to drift out of place. This can be fixed by wearing dentures or some other form of false teeth. But do know that the sooner you get these products, the better.

Another problem that comes with a tooth extraction is bone loss. The latter is a problem that no false tooth can fix since it originates within the jaw itself. The only service that can stop it is a dental implant but you’re going to have to find a dentist that offers the service. Also, dental implants are very expensive.

Alternatives For A Tooth Extraction

We remove a tooth because it’s damaged. Here are a few services that fix damaged teeth:


  • Composite Restoration – this fixes intermediate problems like chipping. It’s affordable and a majority of patients go for it first.
  • Dental Crownsdental crowns are for damaged teeth that’s beyond simple restoration techniques. The product is expensive but it does last a long time whilst improving a lot the damaged tooth.
  • Porcelain Veneersporcelain veneers, like dental crowns, require a tooth to be scraped or file to make room for it. However, a porcelain veneer only covers the front end of a tooth. It improves the color, shape, and even alignment of the tooth it’s on.



Sometimes, reaching for the ultimatum may be a bad idea your teeth. Just because you’re having a tooth removed doesn’t mean you’re immediately carefree. As much as you can, always save a tooth from being extracted. Doing so will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the future when you need to replace it.

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