Are Cheap Dental Crowns in Manila Worth It?

Are Cheap Dental Crowns in Manila Worth It?

Cheap dental crowns in Manila are not exactly a product that you can just purchase from your nearest dental clinic. Most dental products are made out of the highest quality materials so looking for cheap ones may vary. It is quite relatable, however, that a patient wants to look for cheap dental crowns in Manila. Dental procedures today are expensive and not a lot of people can afford it. So, this article will talk about ways for you to save a lot of money on dental crowns.

Are There Cheap Dental Crowns in Manila?

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If you want to know what cheap dental crowns in Manila look like, then you must first look to their materials. Dental crowns are versatile enough that they come in different materials such as porcelain, Emax, zirconia, gold, and basic alloys or base metal. The latter is the cheapest material you can pay to get dental crowns.

Are Base Metal Crowns Worth It?

Although it’s not the only kind of metal that’s available for dental crowns, base metal crowns are quite cheap. They’re probably the cheapest ones that are available. However, with an affordable price comes a few disadvantages to it.

Here are some of the disadvantages of base metal crowns:

  • Metal Taste – dental crowns tend to take on the entire crown of a tooth this means that you’re going to have a distinct metal taste or feel in your mouth. This can be quite distracting at times but you’ll eventually get used to it.
  • Undesirable Aestheticif you care about your smile, then you’re going to want to place a metal crown on a molar. Molars are located at the back of your teeth which makes it a great place to put a metal crown.

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What Are The Benefits of a Metal Crown?

Here are the main benefits of a metal crown:

  • Durable – since they’re made out of metal, you can be sure that these types of crowns will last a long time. They’re not as soft as porcelain so you’ll be able to apply more pressure on them.
  • Cheapof course, a base metal crown is cheap. Do expect these crowns to be around Php 5,000 or maybe even less.
  • Easy To Findsince they’re cheap, a lot of dental clinics will have them on offer. You compare these to gold dental crowns which are not only expensive but also hard to find.

Something To Think About

There’s a reason why a porcelain crown is the standard choice and not metal crowns – it’s because porcelain has a great balance in price and features. Sure, porcelain may not be the toughest material but it can be placed on almost any tooth. Think about this the next time you’re weighing in your options on a dental crown.


If you can’t make a decision, then your dentist can help you on that matter. Your dentist can give you a lot of information and insight on certain dental procedures. Make sure to do this every time you’re picking a dental service.


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