Braces for Kids: Your Choices

Braces for Kids: Your Choices

Getting braces for kids is sort of similar as to get your own set of braces as an adult. However, the only difference would be is the time of getting braces for your kids. You see, a child gets a full set of teeth before they hit the age of four. However, you may want to wait a few more years before considering getting braces for kids. 

Braces For Kids

Before you go out and get braces for kids, you must first know when to get it for them. Usually, a child get’s screened by his orthodontist around the age of 7. However, the recommended age for getting braces for your kids was around the age of 12. This is around the time where a child has lost all of their baby teeth.

Now, when your child is in the right age to get braces, you must first have their teeth checked. Your orthodontist will determine whether or not your child needs braces. Teeth positioning can depend on how the child took care of their teeth. Click here to learn how to avoid crooked teeth. Also, if you are looking for ways to correct teeth placement other than braces then click here to find out. 

If they are viable for one, here are the choices you have for their braces.

Traditional Metal Braces

The best part about traditional metal braces is that they’re still as reliable as they were a decade ago. They have been the standard choice for most parents and most of the time your dentist will recommend them. Of course, metal braces do come with a few inconveniences such as discomfort.

They tend to last for 12 – 24 months before being removed. In addition, they do require constant maintenance by a dentist. This means that frequent visits to the dentist is required. Metal braces are ideal for teeth that needs severe correction as the metal brackets can withstand the pressure.

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Damon Braces

Damon braces are considered by many as a step above traditional metal braces. This is due to its innovative sliding mechanic that allows for less discomfort and maintenance. In addition, Damon braces are removed at an average of 8 months less than metal braces. The only downside to it is its price. Damon braces are expensive and can easily go up to Php 100,000 in price.

Removable Braces

Also known as Invisalign, removable braces are a clear white set of a dental appliance that fits over a child’s teeth. To the untrained eye, they may look like a mouth guard. Removable braces are usually placed overnight and removed first thing in the morning. They’re the ideal choice for those who dislike the look of braces.


In closing, to get the best choice out all three, you must consult your dentist orthodontist. Only they can give you the insight and information needed to make a solid decision. Also, it’s best to talk to your dentist when the subject of payment comes into light. This is important because braces are meant to stay on your child’s teeth for quite a while. Be sure to discuss everything with them the next time you’re visiting their dental clinic.

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