Cheap Porcelain Crowns: Worth It?

Cheap Porcelain Crowns: Worth It?

People tend to ask if cheap porcelain crowns exist. Sure, if you look hard enough and search in the places you might just find the cheap porcelain crowns. However, even if you do find one, is it even worth it? You see, the reason why a porcelain crown is priced at around Php 10,000 is due to quality. It’s the standard choice for most people looking to invest in crowns. And, it remains a relatively affordable dental product. This article will try to explain why cheap porcelain crowns aren’t worth it.

Cheap Porcelain Crowns

First of all, why would people want porcelain crowns who are priced so low? Because there exist tooth restoration services that cost around PHP 1,500. Seeing as a porcelain crown is a tooth restoration service, the need for affordability should be expected. However, what patient may not know is that porcelain crowns are part of the most affordable dental crowns today.

Aside from standard alloy crowns, porcelain crowns offer a great balance between quality and price. Also, most dental clinic today will price their crowns lower than the average price range. Why? Because the product has become so abundant throughout the years. It’s a service that most patients look for because of its quality.

If you are indeed looking for cheap porcelain crowns, then look for a dental clinic with affordable services. Those, on the other hand, do exist and they’re particularly easy to find. All you need to do is look in the right places in your area.

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It’s Alternatives

If you simply can’t afford porcelain crowns, then why not go for the next best thing? A composite restoration service involves filling the damage made by tooth decay. The composite material used by the dentist may not last as long as a crown but they’re still as effective.

In addition, a composite restoration service offers different choices for the material to be used. You can either go porcelain which is more expensive or amalgam which is made out of different metals.

A Little Bit About Porcelain

If you do decide to buy porcelain crowns, what can you expect then? Well, porcelain is a popular choice because it blends well with other teeth. In addition, it’s stain resistant surface allows it keep its bright shade for a long time.

As for its durability, a porcelain crown is relatively tough. It may not be as tough as emax or gold but it can still stand on its own. It also well tolerated by your gums so expect little to no complication after the procedure. Overall, a porcelain crown is considered to be the most popular one because it balances both price and quality. You’ll find that it’s more than enough to solve the issues brought about by damaged teeth.

In closing

Sometimes, the best investment in your oral health may not need a drop in the price. Porcelain crowns, in particular, aren’t the cheapest of dental products but they sure are one of the best. Consult your dentist the next time you’re around and find out what a porcelain crown has to offer you.

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