Cost of Tooth Restoration in the Philippines: Things to Know

Cost of Tooth Restoration in the Philippines: Things to Know

The cost of tooth restoration in the Philippines depends upon the service you choose. Some services are considered to be the best while others cater to a lowered budget. Regardless, when you’re trying to find a tooth restoration service, it’s important to think about two things. One, the service must effectively fix the tooth back to a functional state. Second, it needs to be reasonably priced if you’re looking to fix more than one tooth. And third, it must be available in your area or at least common enough to be found at your local dental clinic. This article will talk about the cost of tooth restoration in the Philippines and the services under it. 

How much is the cost of tooth restoration in the Philippines

To find the right service, let’s list down a few notable services that are currently a popular choice.

  • Composite restoration. Also known as dental pasta, the service uses a composite material to fix the damaged tooth. The material, usually resin, fits naturally with a tooth’s look and lasts for more than a decade. The service costs around Php 2,000 depending on the quality of work.
  • Onlay/inlay. The service uses a porcelain-based material to repair damaged teeth much like the previous service. However, since it deals with porcelain, the result is much better. It’s tougher, lasts longer, and is generally better at its appearance. However, the cost of the service does go up to Php 13,000 or more.
  • Porcelain Veneers. A porcelain veneer is a thin shell-like material made out of said material. It’s placed in front of the tooth and acts as protection as well as a replacement. Furthermore, it’s general material is said to be stain-resistant and improves the aesthetic. It costs around Php 13,000 or more.
  • Dental crowns. Dental crowns are undoubtedly one of the best services to fix damaged teeth. It caps the damaged tooth and replaces it with a crown made out of varying materials. The crown itself lasts for a good amount of years. The cheapest crown you can get starts at around Php 8,000.

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Which One’s The Best?

Well, to answer the question, you need to figure out what service fits your current situation. This is important because each service has their own roles to fill in. For example, a composite restoration service is ideal for teeth with minor damage. However, a dental crown is made of severely damaged teeth. From this fact alone, one can see that no service can answer every problem.


The prices mentioned above are a mere estimate. It’s not a solid answer because each dental clinics has its own rules for pricing. You can’t expect to find two dental clinics with services priced the same way. It does not work that way. The task of finding the right dental clinic falls on you.


It’s also safe to say that a consultation will help you substantially. Knowing which service best fits your needs saves you the time and effort poured in looking for one. Also, a dental consultation helps you plan your dental needs. Don’t underestimate the benefits you get from a single consultation.

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