Does A Root Canal Hurt? The Truth

Does A Root Canal Hurt? The Truth

Does a root canal hurt? That is one of many questions that surround the service. A root canal therapy or treatment involves cleaning out an infected pulp to stop it from spreading. It’s an essential service since it’s the only one of it’s kind. No other dental service today offers to clean out an infected pulp. In addition, it’s an effective service that dentists today still swear by. However, the service has received a bit of social stigma over the years. Rumors about it started spreading and it hurt the service to some degree. So, does a root canal hurt? This article will try and answer that question.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

The biggest rumor that surrounds a root canal therapy is just one question. Does a root canal hurt? That statement alone proposes that the procedure of a root canal therapy brings forth excruciating pain for the patient. It is said that this rumor started when a certain dental practitioner decades ago made a campaign against the service. Though this study has been long debunked by a number of dental practitioners, the rumor still remains. Click here to learn about rumors of the service. 

It’s probably why a lot of patient avoid the service like the plague. They’d much rather have their infected tooth removed because it’s much easier. Unbeknownst to them, the latter is actually a bad decision because it comes with a few adverse effects later on.

Going back to the service itself, a root canal service does not hurt. Even the process of getting injected by anesthesia will feel numb. Of course, a dentist will recommend a general anesthetic if the patient fears pain.

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A Myth Debunked

The very rumor that the procedure for a root fanal hurts is ultimately false. The amount of innovations in dentistry has given it the advantage of avoiding any pain felt by the patient. To make it short, a root canal service does not bring a painful sensation. Instead, it gets rid of it.

A Few Notes on the Service

Getting a root canal service means that a tooth will be cleaned out of its pulp. Once the pulp is gone, the tooth will no longer feel anything as the nerves in its root have been effectively shut down. This is the entire purpose of the service, to get rid of the infected pulp before it spreads.

There are a few precautions, however, as a root canal therapy may leave tooth weaker. The lack of blood being circulated within the tooth will make it brittle. If so, then a dentist will recommend you get a dental crown. Click here here to learn more about the service.


In closing, there are a number of ways to know if a certain rumor is true or false. The best method would be is to visit a dental clinic. You can do no wrong by visiting your dentist for a consultation. There are a number of benefits you can get from it. The information would be one as one needs it in order to make an educated decision. Don’t underestimate the benefits you can get from a single dental visit.

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