How Much Are Porcelain Crowns in the Philippines?

How Much Are Porcelain Crowns in the Philippines?

How much are porcelain crowns in the Philippines? Well, it is quite easy to answer that question especially considering that the service is popular. However, there are still some factors to consider when you’re looking for porcelain crowns. This article will try and go over those factors and more. So, the next time a person asks how much are porcelain crowns in the Philippines then this should be their answer.

How Much Are Porcelain Crowns in the Philippines?

First of all, one should know the right term for porcelain crowns. In technicality, a porcelain crown is actually a PFM crown. PFM stands for porcelain-fused to metal. Now, the average price of PFM crowns on a simple search is around Php 9,000 – Php 10,000. However, what the search engines don’t tell you is that the price will change. Expect it to change with each dental clinic you go to. That’s because dental clinics today have their own rules for pricing.

Of course, these changes in price won’t stray too far away from the range given above. Still, it is worth keeping it in mind the next time you’re hopping one clinic to another.

More About The Service

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Now that you have a rough idea of what the price might be, let’s talk about the service itself. A porcelain crown is the standard level of dental crowns for most people. This is because the product is quite affordable when compared to some of its variations.

A porcelain crown does have a number of benefits to give its user. For starters, a porcelain crown blends well with the other teeth. Its ability to be shaped and colored into different shades gives it a level of versatility. In addition, it’s porcelain surface makes it stain-resistant which means it won’t lose color so easily.

As for its durability, a porcelain crown can withstand the everyday functions of teeth. However, don’t expect it to stay in one piece if put under constant pressure. Teeth grinding can chip it to make to talk to your dentist before getting one. To perfectly use a porcelain crown, make sure it replaces an incisor.

Is It Worth It?

Now that you know what it costs and what it delivers, is it worth paying for a porcelain crown? Yes. Yes, it is. If you take all of the qualities, regardless if its positive or not, you have a pretty good investment. Tooth repair services nowadays tend to last for only a few years. A porcelain crown, on the other hand, can easily last upwards of 10 years. It’s a dental product sought after by many because of what it offers.


Hopefully, this article has answered your question of how much are porcelain crowns in the Philippines. Also, another thing you can take away from this article is that even the standard ones in a line of dental products still has what it takes to deliver. Sure, a porcelain crown is not the only in its category. There are more such as zirconia, ceramic, gold, etc., but porcelain still has what it takes to satisfy any patient that pays for it.

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