Metal Crown on a Tooth: Why It’s Worth It

Metal Crown on a Tooth: Why It’s Worth It

Some may find that a metal crown on a tooth is the last thing they would want. The thought of something metallic being visible in the mouth may not speak to most patients today. However, what if I tell you that getting a metal crown on a tooth is actually quite worth it. It has a few significant advantages over the standard porcelain crown, advantages that this article will talk about.

A Metal Crown on a Tooth

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First of all, let’s compare a metal crown on a tooth to a porcelain one.

On the looks department, porcelain beats metal. Its ability to take on any shade makes it the best choice for patients looking for a more natural look. Also, a porcelain crown is stain resistant. It does not give into sugary snacks like a normal tooth would. However, a porcelain crown fails in durability. Sure, it’s able to withstand a certain degree of stress but not enough to avoid showing cracks in the process. Yes. A porcelain crown will chip when put under enough pressure.

With all that said, let’s look at a metal crown. Yes, a metal crown cannot and will not look natural in your teeth. However, a metal crown wasn’t made to be placed on the front end of your teeth. It was made to replace a molar. Why? Because a metal crown is durable. Being the best replacement for a molar, a metal crown is able to withstand the same pressure as any other tooth. Furthermore, certain metal crowns are cheaper than a standard porcelain crown.

Gold or Metal

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At times, you might see dental clinics offer a gold crown instead of the base metal one. This is because a gold crown is significantly stronger than its predecessor. It’s much more resistant to wear and tear and it only requires less tooth removal. In addition, it’s quite effective in the sealing process. Overall, a gold crown is a lot better than your average metal crown.

There are, however, to disadvantages that might deter a patient from getting them. First would be its appearance. With a gold crown comes the tendency of other actually noticing it.

The second part would its price. Since it is made out of gold, expect a gold crown to be very expensive. So much so that it actually costs more than a porcelain or an emax crown. It’s important to know that in times like these, visiting the dentist might help.

Consult A Dentist

To know what crown fits your needs, make sure to visit your dentist. Luckily, a dental crown is available for most dental clinics found in the country. In addition, their crowns vary in shape and form. This means that you could either get a metal crown for your molar or a porcelain for your incisor.

The takeaway from this article is knowing what crowns fit your current situation. If you’re dealing with a molar, then pick a metal crown. If the damaged tooth is on the front then pick a crown that blends well with the other teeth.

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