Molar Tooth Extraction: Should You?

Molar Tooth Extraction: Should You?

A molar tooth extraction is something of a common thing done by most patients today. Our molars are usually the first ones to get tooth decay. If neglected, they too are the first ones that get the worse fate. This is evident for most photos that show tooth decay as you’ll notice that most of them are on molars. When a molar is badly decayed or damaged, patients just pay a dentist to remove them. But is a molar tooth extraction worth it? This article will try and answer that question.

Molar Tooth Extraction

There are a few things you should know about molar tooth extraction and just tooth extractions in general. First of all, a tooth extraction is considered to be last resort. There are only rare moments in which the service is the first thing a dentist would recommend i.e. impacted teeth. However, most the time, that’s not really the case.  

Why You Shouldn’t Get It Removed

First of all, let’s look how a molar tooth gets removed. Because they’re badly decayed. Why are they decayed in the first place? Because of negligence. Tooth decay and cavities are easily avoided if one only practices good oral hygiene. It’s also worth knowing that there are a ton of services currently available that fix damaged or decayed teeth. Click here to learn more about them.

So, if you do get a molar removed. What happens? Well, nothing. Nothing’s gonna happen for the first few years or so. Eventually, however, you will start to feel its adverse effects. Having a tooth missing from its place will affect the others. Your teeth will start to drift out of place in an effort to fill in the gap left. The worse one would be bone loss. As long as one tooth remains missing, your facial structure will continue to shrink.

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What You Should Instead

Have a dentist check it first. See if it’s still capable of being fixed or repaired. Usually, severely decayed molars are still able to be saved through a composite restoration service. The service is rather cheap. If one wants a better alternative, however, dental crowns should be the number one choice. It’s currently recognized by many as the best service to fix damaged teeth. Click here to learn more about it.

A Few Notes On Extraction

Having a tooth removed is never easy. It takes at least two months before it is fully healed. It takes vigilance if one wants to keep out of complications. Suffice to say, it’s not a service that a patient can go to as the first choice. It has a lot of better alternatives that deserve your time and money.


Always consult your dentist. If this article has failed to convince then feel free to talk to your dentist and see what he/she has to say. Getting a molar extracted just because it is badly decayed doesn’t mean that it’s already susceptible to extraction. The innovations of dentistry have allowed it to save teeth that may seem like they’re too far gone. Always remember this the next time you’re facing decayed teeth.

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