How Much Do Composite Resin Fillings Cost?

How Much Do Composite Resin Fillings Cost?

So, how much do composite resin fillings cost? Well, the average price of the service is quite affordable when compared to other dental services. Of course, this is due to the fact that most services today that’s centered around tooth restoration cost a small fortune. That’s why patients are looking for the best service that does fix teeth at an affordable cost. This is what this article will talk about today. This article will answer on how much composite resin fillings cost.

How Much Do Composite Resin Fillings Cost?

To know what composite resin fillings cost, you must first know the dental clinic you’re going to. In addition, different dental clinics today have varying pricing regulations. So, don’t expect to visit one dental clinic to find a different clinic with similarly priced services. Click here to learn more about dental fillings. 

However, do expect that the average cost of a composite resin filling to be no more than Php 1,500 – Php 3,000.

Do remember that the price given above is a composite resin filling. If you’re looking for amalgam fillings or porcelain ones, then the price is going to go up.

Worth It?

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Now that you know how much the service cost, the question now lies if its worth it.

To give it to you straight, a composite resin filling is worth it. It’s an affordable service that patients today still pay for. Of course, this variation of the service is not as popular as amalgam fillings.

The reason for its popularity is because the composite resin is easier to apply and it blends well with teeth. In addition, they can be repaired if damaged. In summary, a composite resin filling is easier to work with and it’s easier to apply to the damaged tooth itself.

A few disadvantages that composite fillings do have is its durability and appliance. The latter being tough for the dentist since it requires a dry environment to properly harden. As for its durability, composite resin fillings are still victim to chipping. This should be the reason why people still prefer amalgam fillings because they’re durable enough.


As for its alternatives, amalgam fillings do exist. This type of fillings is usually composed of zinc, tin, copper, and mercury. Though the latter may be of some cause for concern it has been proven to be safe for dental use.

If you have a larger budget then you can always go for dental crowns. Dental crowns today are considered to be the best tooth restoration service to date. This is because of the fact that dental crowns do a lot more than just fix a damaged tooth. It improves aesthetic, alignment, and more.

In Closing

Of course, if you truly want to know the best service for you, then go visit a dentist. Only your dentist can give you the right opinion on the right action you should take. Always remember to do this whenever you’re going to pay for a dental service. In addition, you have the opportunity to create a proper dental routine to help your teeth.


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