Porcelain Crown in the Philippines: The Best One?

Porcelain Crown in the Philippines: The Best One?

There’s a reason why a porcelain crown in the Philippines is currently hailed as the best one by dentists. It’s not the best in terms of durability or longevity, but it’s the best dental crown in terms of value. As a patient yourself, it’s important to think about the price you’re paying for the crown you are getting. This is what this article is about. This article will talk about why a porcelain crown in the Philippines is the best dental crown you’re getting. It will compare the crown with other dental crowns currently available. In addition, this article will point you towards a dental clinic that offers the service at an affordable price.     

Porcelain Crown in the Philippines

So, let’s start with the crown itself and what it can offer the patients that pay for it. The very first quality that a porcelain crown in the Philippines does offer is in the looks department. Porcelain, as you know, replicates the look of teeth very well. A dentist can take a good look at your teeth and find the perfect shade for it. Porcelain is versatile, it’s able to take different shades of color; perfect for taking on different colors of teeth.

Porcelain, unlike natural teeth, is stain resistant. Meaning, that it’s impervious to whatever means of discoloration that other liquids inhibit our teeth. Best example would be soda or coffee as those are two good reasons for tooth discoloration. With porcelain being stain resistant, this gives you the benefit of being a little bit less vigilant with your teeth.

Another advantage a porcelain crown in the Philippines gives you chemical composition. Your gums and your tongue are smarter than they look. They are able to sense whether or not a tooth is natural or otherwise. If they sense something out of the ordinary then you will definitely feel it. Porcelain, however, is a lot different. Its chemical composition gives it the benefit of a natural feeling. Your gums tolerate porcelain leading to little, if not, no irritation at all.

The final benefit that a porcelain crown in the Philippines has over other crowns is affordability. A normal porcelain crown which is usually a PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crown costs Php 10,000. You might say question yourself “how is that supposed to be affordable?” I’m glad you asked.

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Porcelain Crown in the Philippines: Its Alternatives

Let’s look at a dental crown that’s considered to be a level above porcelain: emax. Emax is a special crown made entirely out of ceramic. It’s durable and definitely ticks the box in terms of aesthetic. However, an emax crown comes with two disadvantages. First would be its price. Paying for an emax crown means putting in Php 15,000 or more depending on the dental clinic.

Another disadvantage the crown has is the same thing that makes it so good, it’s own durability. Some dentists have pointed out that an emax crown might be too durable for our own teeth. If you suffer from bruxism or constant teeth-grinding, then you might end up damaging your own teeth.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic

If you’re interested in getting your own porcelain crown in the Philippines, then Asian Sun Dental Clinic might be for you. They have been a champion in dental cosmetic services for years. So much so that they offer the service in a variety of different crowns. From porcelain, emax, zirconia, gold, and more, Asian Sun has them all. What’s best is that the clinic offers it to their patients at a very affordable rate. Lower than the regular prices mentioned above.


Of course, a porcelain crown does have its disadvantages. It’s not as durable as some of the other more expensive crowns available. But don’t let that deter you, a porcelain is still capable of handling the everyday functions of teeth. All one needs to do is to care for it and it should last for ten to fifteen years.

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