Price of Root Canal in the Philippines and More

Price of Root Canal in the Philippines and More

The price of root canal in the Philippines is worth the money it’s asking if you realize what the service can actually do. A root canal therapy may be the best at what it does because it may be the only solution. A solution for fixing internally infected teeth. That is why a root canal is worth the money it asks from the patient. Because it is the only one in its field that fixes such a common problem. This article will talk about why the price of root canal in the Philippines is worth the money.

Price of Root Canal in the Philippines

The price of root canal in the Philippines is around Php 6,000 – Php 7,000. It’s relatively affordable when you think about it. Most dental products and services today would easily go up to Php 10,000 – Php 20,000. Also, you’ll better appreciate the price of a root canal therapy once you understand what it actually does.

How It Benefits You

Our teeth are able to feel temperature because of the nerves from within. Deep beneath the enamel and dentin lies the pulp of a tooth. The pulp ruins all the way down to its root. The pulp, though protected, is still vulnerable to infections and microbial invasions. Once hit, the tooth will ache. Anyone who has ever experienced a severe toothache before will understand the amount of discomfort that falls upon the patient.

So, in order to fix such a problem, a patient must pay for a root canal therapy. A root canal therapy involves the dentist cleaning out the infected pulp. This does mean that the entire pulp will be cleaned out. What’s left is a hollow tooth that has lost its nerves and, in turn, will no longer cause distress to the patient. Once it’s cleaned out, the dentist will seal the tooth with a dental filling. That is how a root canal therapy benefits a patient.

Severely Damaged Teeth

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Sometimes, quick action may not be even taken when a tooth is infected. When the pulp is severely infected and it undergoes a root canal treatment, the result may damage the tooth. By damaged tooth, I mean that a tooth may be left brittle or weak. In cases like these, a dentist will recommend the patient get dental crowns.

Getting a dental crown means the weak tooth will be protected from further harm. Not to worry though as the tooth is capped off with a crown. The crown can improve the look of the tooth and can stand as a worthy replacement for it.


If you don’t want to experience something has terrible as a weak tooth, then take action immediately. If a certain toothache seems too much and won’t go away, go see your dentist right away. Don’t wait for every passing second spells doom for your tooth. Seeing a dentist immediately will help prevent the situation from growing too complicated. So, in closing, one should see a dentist when the signs of a severe toothache start popping up.

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