What Is A Dental Crown? Know The Facts

What Is A Dental Crown? Know The Facts

What is a dental crown? A dental crown today is one of the best services for tooth restoration that a dentist can provide. It uses different materials to essentially replace a tooth without having the need to remove in the first place. However, what does it have to offer? How does it compare to other services that also fall under the same category?

This article will answer the question – what is a dental crown – and more about the service itself.

What Is A Dental Crown?

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So, what is a dental crown? A dental crown is essentially a false tooth that’s made to replace a tooth’s own crown. The artificial crown itself can be made from out of a variety of materials such as porcelain, metal, zirconia, ceramic, and even gold.

Dental crowns were made to be a secure and permanent solution for severely damaged teeth. With that said, a single porcelain crown can easily last up to 10 years with little to no maintenance. Patients only have to treat it as they would a normal tooth.

How Is A Dental Crown Placed?

To keep it simple, your dentist will have to shave or file off extra tooth material to make space for the crown.

The crown is then placed and secured using a bonding agent. Once it’s secured, a patient can now smile and chew normally again.

How Much Is A Dental Crown?

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The average cost of a dental crown starts at around Php 9,000. The price given is for a porcelain crown but do note that most materials will start to go higher. The most expensive dental crown today is one that’s mostly made out of gold.

What Are The Types of Dental Crowns?

  • Porcelaina porcelain crown is the standard choice for most patients and dentists. It’s relatively affordable, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and will last for a long time.
  • Metal – base metal crowns are picked for durability. This is why most base metal crowns are used to restore damaged molars because they can take a lot of punishment and they’re hidden away.
  • Emax an Emax crown is a specially heated type of ceramic. Thanks to its heating process, Emax crowns are much tougher and look more natural than standard porcelain crowns.
  • Zirconia – a zirconia crown shares the same natural sheen that an Emax crown has. In addition, zirconia is known to be an abundant material which makes it a great choice for those looking for a quick crown replacement.

How Is It Better Than Other Tooth Restoration Services?

Unlike dental fillings or a composite restoration, a dental crown can fix severely damaged teeth.

Also, it’s lifespan reaches far more years than the aforementioned procedures. It’s also a permanent solution which not a lot of its alternatives can be.


Make sure to talk to your dentist if you’re interested in the service. Dental crowns today come in different forms and it may benefit you, even more, to know which ones work for your current situation. Most importantly, consulting your dentist on these matters helps give you the insight needed to make the right decision.

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