How Much Do Composite Resin Fillings Cost?

So, how much do composite resin fillings cost? Well, the average price of the service is quite affordable when compared to other dental services. Of course, this is due to the fact that most services today that’s centered around tooth restoration cost a small fortune. That’s why patients are looking for the best service that [...]

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Composite Restoration Procedure: How It’s Done

A composite restoration procedure may not be as complicated as other services, but it’s still something worth knowing about. As one of the more affordable tooth restoration services today, it helps to know what’s actually going on. So, this article will go over the essentials of a composite restoration procedure. The article will also tell [...]

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Cheap Porcelain Crowns: Worth It?

People tend to ask if cheap porcelain crowns exist. Sure, if you look hard enough and search in the places you might just find the cheap porcelain crowns. However, even if you do find one, is it even worth it? You see, the reason why a porcelain crown is priced at around Php 10,000 is [...]

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How To Avoid Yellow Teeth: 3 Ways

Knowing how to avoid yellow teeth is rather easy since most are doable at home. In addition, some of these methods may not even add anything just prevention. It’s important to remember that yellow teeth are caused by a couple of factors. In order for you to know how to avoid yellow teeth, one only [...]

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The Best Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Teeth whitening home remedies today are easily done through only a few truly show their effectiveness. We all want white teeth because it generally looks better and presents a better image for the person. However, the average cost to get your teeth whitened professionally can go up to Php 20,000. It’s expensive. That’s why today [...]

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Molar Tooth Extraction: Should You?

A molar tooth extraction is something of a common thing done by most patients today. Our molars are usually the first ones to get tooth decay. If neglected, they too are the first ones that get the worse fate. This is evident for most photos that show tooth decay as you’ll notice that most of [...]

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